Monash University and VicHealth have teamed up to offer a new project that encourages kids to get involved in building healthier futures. If you haven't watched Sandro's video yet, check it out to hear more about the project. You can read more about the project and how it connects to the curriculum and much more in the teacher guide.

Background to the project


We are inviting kids to help the team at VicHealth create a Future Healthy world for everyone. The current mission focuses on three critical inquiry questions:

  • How can you help your community be more active?

  • How can you help your community eat well?

  • How can you help your community feel more connected?

Watch the mission video to the right to find out more.

Kids will need to conduct research in their local community to help them answer the challenge questions. This is a key step as their community research will allow them to identify a real community health priority problem that needs fixing. Kids can complete their research on the way to school, at school, at the park, at the local shops or any time they are outside.
If this isn't possible, they can explore their community online via maps.

When kids enter the Future Healthy World in Minecraft, one of the first things they will notice is that they have entered a construction site. This is because Future Healthy is under construction, so there is still time for kids to contribute to VicHealth's plans.

Kids have a Project Book to work through and we have provided a Teachers Guide for you to use to help faciliate your lessons.

Every idea and solution kids submit will help VicHealth find ways to create healthier places.

Check out the different assets below.

What Next?

We have created a Project Book for kids to download and teacher guide and slide deck to help you structure your classes. There are also some additional resources that you can use to help support kids as they make their way through the mission. You will find these below in the 'Your Assets' section. These steps will get you started:

  1. Watch the background to the project video (if you haven't already)

  2. Download and review your assets - Quick Guide, Teacher Guide, Project Book, Slide Deck and Future Healthy Minecraft World

  3. Download the Vic Papercraft file (students can make Vic in class or at home)

  4. Students ideally work in groups, but they can do it individually as well.

  5. In Quest 1 - focus on Introductions in the student Project Book

  6. Then it is on to Quest 2 - spend time auditing the local community - this is an essential step as it will allow your students solve a real problem in the community

  7. Head into Minecraft and our Future Healthy World where students will complete Quest 3 & 4

  8. Students will create a storyboard and video walkthrough of their builds and prepare for submission

  9. Students submit their Project Book and Video Walkthrough via the link provided in the kids section (it is also in their project book). They need to upload 2 different files

Your Assets

Project book

The Project Book will take students through the steps to complete the Kids Building Future Healthy Mission. Please note that students may have difficulty downloading their assets via their school account. Your IT support may be able to assist you here OR you can download the file and share with students via your learning system or email.


Curriculum Links

We have mapped this project to the Victorian curriculum. We have made links to both Level 3-4 and 5-6. You can always add others too.


Teacher Guide

Download your teacher guide here. The guide provides a lesson by lesson overview of activities that you can use to help support student learning.



The Future Healthy Minecraft world is ready to download



Download the papercraft template for Vic so kids can take them on tour when they are doing their audits. If students can't download the file you will need to download Vic and share with them via your learning system or email.


Additional CHallenge RESOURCES

Here you'll find some resources that you can use in your classrooms to extend student learning. Check out the Teacher Guide for suggestions about how to use the resources

View and download

Watsonia Primary School

Last year we had the opportunity to build Future Healthy with Ms Noack's class at Watsonia Primary School. Watch the video and see what Ms Noack and her students thought about our Minecraft Education mission.