Monash University and VicHealth have teamed up to offer a new project that encourages kids to build healthier futures - in Minecraft Education Edition. Check out VicHealth's CEO Dr Sandro Demaio talking about the project. Then keep reading to find out more.

Background to the project

What is this Project about?

Thanks for joining us here. You may be here because your child has expressed an interest in the project or you have seen the project advertised. Whatever the reason, we are super excited and we hope your kids are too.

Over the next few weeks your child will have an opportunity to learn more about their community and what can help make the community healthier. Even better, we are inviting children to help us build a healthier community. We want kids to help us understand what things impact on their health and the community more broadly. We also want kids to help us work out solutions to community health challenges.

This project focuses on three main community health challenges;

  • Helping the community be more active

  • Helping the community eat well

  • Helping the community be a more friendy and welcoming place

Kids can work on the project individually, with a group of friends or with you and the family. Some schools will also offer this as a curriculum project. There are all sorts of ways you and your child can participate in building a Future Healthy World. You can check out more about the project in the Quick Guide.

What will my child be doing?.

  1. They will watch a bunch of short videos that introduce the key concepts

  2. They will download a Project Book and the Vic Papercraft file. Then they will follow the steps outlined for the four fun quests

    • Quest One - Introductions

    • Quest Two - Local Community Audit - getting out in the local area and doing research

    • Quest Three - Minecraft Challenges

    • Quest Four - Minecraft Build

  3. They will create a walkthrough video explaining their build and submit that to us along with their Project Book.

  4. When they submit kids will complete a short survey about the project

  5. If you agree, we will email you and ask if we can send another survey for your child to complete. This survey will help us understand more about what your child learned from the project. Your child might ask you to share an email so we can contact you. The additional survey is optional.

  6. The best way to find out what your child will be up to is to watch the video of Ms Noack's class at Watsonia Primary School

Watsonia Primary School

Last year we had the opportunity to build Future Healthy with Ms Noack's class at Watsonia Primary School. Watch the video and see what Ms Noack and her students thought about our Minecraft Education mission.