Meet the Crew


Hi. My name is Vic. You have already met me in the videos and also in your Project Book. I've just popped in here to introduce you to the rest of the crew. You'll get to meet them throughout your mission. We thought it would be a good idea for each of our crew members to tell you a little bit about themselves. Oh and don't forget Dr Sandro. Whilst he is down the bottom of the page, he is pretty important. Both Sandro and the Future Healthy team at VicHealth are going to be reviewing your submissions and taking action based on your research and builds. So he is last but not least, if you know what I mean.


Hey. I'm Jarwyn. I am 13 years old and I live in Frankston on Bunurong land. I love hanging out with my family and cousins. I really like being outside, going fishing and camping and just having fun with everyone. The more people the better. It makes me feel good to be around my family and outside. I really like the 'feeling connected' bit of this mission because I know that it is really important and it's why I joined the crew.


Hi! I'm Aishah and I'm turning 12 in a couple of days. I go to school in Dandenong with my younger siblings and our neighbourhood friends. Every day, my Ummi (mother) will pick us all up and drop us off at school together. As the oldest child, I have to look after my siblings so that they don't get into too much trouble. Which is sometimes hard when we have extra time after school before Ummi picks us up again, so I sometimes come up with games to play with the younger ones to keep them company. My favourite game to play is pretending we are characters in a TV show and we would act out what our characters would do, which is heaps of fun. I hope that I can do that in the future one day, Inshallah (if God wills). Can you imagine? A Muslim hero on TV! Because of this dream, I signed up to be a Future Healthy Champion with VicHealth so that I can help in building a community that supports dreams like mine!


Hi there, I am Eva and I am 13 years old. I live in a town called Toolamba. I go to Greater Shepparton High School. We have to catch the bus to school. I live with my mum and dad and three cats. I love to play netball and tennis and I have started playing cricket as well. There are nearby courts and an oval for us to play on. We even have free exercise equipment installed around the oval for everyone to use. I like to swim in the channels and the river in summer. I joined this crew because I love Minecraft but also I want to make a difference in the community. Toolamba is a small town - but it has a big heart. You can read that on the sign as you drive into the town.

Dr Sandro

Hi everyone, I am Dr Sandro and if you have watched the different videos you'd know that I am super passionate about youth voice and making sure that you have input into our planning here at VicHealth. It is terrific that you are going to be community health researchers and help us plan and build healthier communities - for everyone.