Your mission

Thanks for joining us. Your mission, should you choose to accept is detailed in the video below.

Completing your mission

Your mission involves a number of different steps. Your Project Book will guide you every step of the way. You can download that below.

What do I have to do?

  1. Decide if you are going to do this mission on your own, with friends, with your family or perhaps it might be a class challenge

  2. Download your assets - your Project Book and the Future Healthy Minecraft World (once ready) from the Download your assets section below and launch it

  3. Open your Project Book and start your mission!

  4. In Quest 1 - introduce yourself (and your crew if you are working with others)

  5. In Quest 2 - you are asked to do some research in your local community and identify key priority areas that need fixing. (This is a super important step!)

  6. At the start of Quest 3 - jump into the Future Healthy Minecraft Education Edition World

  7. If you are in groups, make sure you have a team leader as they will be responbile for explaining each challenge to the group.

  8. Make your way through a series of fun quests and challenges to learn and earn credits

  9. Design and build your Future Healthy World in Minecraft

  10. Complete your Project Book, make a short video and submit both to us via the link below (you can also submit via the submission link in your project book)

  11. When you submit, you will complete a short survey about the project

Every fully completed mission will get a Future Healthy fun pack from VicHealth. If your whole class completes the mission, your class will receive a Minecraft gift pack. We will be in touch with you about that once we have all the entries in.

Everything you need is in your project book. Good luck!

Download your assets

Download your assets below. You will need your project book and the Future Healthy World file. You can download Vic as a papercraft file to take on tour of your local community. Vic is your community champion and guide throughout the mission. We have also provided a glossary for you if you need to check in about particular words or terms that we have used in the Mission.

If you can't download your assets, get your teacher or a parent to download them for you.


The Project Book will take you through the steps to complete the Kids Building Future Healthy Mission. We have made a Google Slides template for you to use. Click on the link below to download a copy of the project book to your Google Drive. Rename the project book to include your name.



Download Vic as a papercraft file to take on tour of your local community. Vic is your community champion and guide throughout the mission.



We have prepared a glossary of our commonly used terms. Feel free to download the google document and have it on hand as you work through the mission.


Future Healthy World


Submit your entry

When you have finished the mission and completed your project book and video walkthrough you can submit them here. There is also a link for submisssion in your project book. You can use either.

You need to have completed your mission and submitted your entry by the date advised at the latest.

Submit here