The 'Kids Building Future Healthy Mission' is an innovative project that your organisation could use as a means to engage kids in building healthy places. The project extends on Kids Co-Designing Healthy Places project by providing kids with an opportunity to actually build their solutions for a Future Healthy World in Minecraft Education Edition. The project will be super helpful to your organisation if you are wanting to engage kids in community health planning. Check out VicHealth CEO Dr Sandro Demaio's video and then keep reading to find out more about the project.

Background to the project

what The Project involves

We are inviting kids to help the team at VicHealth create a Future Healthy world for everyone. Check out the mission video below.

The mission focuses on three critical research questions:

  • How can you help your community be more active?

  • How can you help your community eat well?

  • How can you help your community feel more connected?

As kids set about answering the research questions they will conduct their own research in the local community. Their research will identify things in the local environment that impact on people's health. This data will be useful to your organisation as it provides insight into kids everyday lives and the different enablers and barriers to health that might be present for them. This step in the process is vital as it means that their builds will address an authentic problem.

Kids then enter Minecraft and the Future Health World. One of the first things they will notice is that they have entered a construction site. They will learn that their Future Healthy World is under construction which means there is still time for kids to contribute to planning. This is where your organisation could ask kids to pick a particular setting and/or focus on a particular health issue.

Kids have a Project Book that they work through whilst they engage with a series of scaffolded challenges in the Future Healthy World. This is all part of helping kids develop the necessary health literacies required to participate effectively in the project.

Once kids have completed the challenges they choose a setting and start building their solutions. Kids will submit their builds to us via the submission link provided. The great thing is that kids will be actually planning to take action on the social and commercial determinants of health in your community. Health promotion doesn't get much better than that (though we are a bit biased)

Every idea and build solution kids submit could help your organisation find ways to create healthier places for kids. As we have travelled about the place we know that there are so many great things happening across Victoria. This challenge provides you with another tool by which to engage kids in creative ways to help inform your planning. You could choose the focus and setting for the mission. For example you could invite kids to help build a future healthy museum, school, sports club, canteen, library or market.

If you want to see the project in action check out this video of kids from Watsonia Primary School telling us about their future healthy builds. There are so many possibilities, and the good thing is that you don't need to be able to use Minecraft - kids are all over it (it's one of the most popular games in the world AND all kids should have an education account). Everything you need to help kids engage with this project is provided below.


Last year we worked with Ms Noack's students at Watsonia Primary School. Check out what they had to say about the Minecraft challenge.

What Next?

We have created a Project Book for kids to download, a quick guide to help you structure advice and any workshops you might like to offer. You can partner with schools or you can connect with other community organisations. These steps will get you started:

  1. Watch the background to the project videos (if you haven't already)

  2. Watch the mission video

  3. Partner with a school if you want to or lead the mission yourselves

  4. Download and review your assests - the Quick Guide and Project Book (find this on the kids page - you can adapt this to suit your context)

  5. Choose your setting and challenge focus - being active, eating well or feeling connected and create your own mission instructions for your own purposes and share the opportunity widely

  6. Please let us know if you have used the mission via this email address. This will help us share relevant builds with you

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